School Break, and Everyone Is Having Fun!

May 11, 2023 | General Updates

All of the girls at House of Grace Thailand are on school holiday. Some are spending time with extra studies at school. Some are completing internships. Most are at home with their families. House of Grace strives to connect the girls to their relatives and cultural identities. If a girl has a safe relative who has been approved for village visitation, then she may visit that relative during school breaks. The girls should return to House of Grace by the second week of May when the school term begins. Some girls do not have a safe relative to visit in the villages, and they stay at House of Grace with the staff during school holidays. There are always projects to work on around the home, but there is also time for play. The staff at House of Grace incorporates a lot of fun into the school holiday. Navaland in Chiang Rai was definitely a hit! For some of the girls, it was their first time seeing a swimming pool.

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