Career Day at House of Grace Ghana

Aug 14, 2023 | General Updates, Uncategorized

The girls at House of Grace Ghana recently attended a fantastic and informative Career Day, made possible only by your support.

According to the African Center for Economic Transformation, to empower girls to find equality in the workplace, we need to :

-Modernize schools to become all-inclusive, dynamic learning centers that can train young girls and women in the technical and digital skills required for the future of work. (Your donations built chemistry, biology, home economics, and computer labs at Trinity Foundation School.

– Provide more career guidance, mentoring, and coaching opportunities in education and the world of work. (Your donations built a bakery, cosmetology, sewing, and creative arts vocation labs at House of Grace Ghana, and staffed them with professionals in those fields.)

– Reduce the unequal domestic burden and improve home learning environments for girls through interventions that address socially-imposed gender roles that pose barriers to their learning outcomes. (Your donations allow the House of Grace Ghana and Trinity Foundation School to employ female educators, accountants, social workers, nurses, nutritionists, and caregivers.)

– Promote accessible digital training programs for formal and informal workers. (Your donations built a computer lab and STEAM library specifically for House of Grace Ghana girls and staff.

– Encourage entrepreneurship among young women. (Because of your donations, the girls at House of Grace Ghana have access to mentors who are self-employed businesswomen.)

Because of your prayers and financial support, the girls at House of Grace Ghana are empowered to dream big, not just on career day, but every day!

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