Our History

Sharing God’s love around the world for over 40 years

Global Servants was founded by Dr. Mark Rutland in 1977.

Dr. Rutland started Global Servants with the desire to see lives changed by the power and truth of God’s Word.

Dr. Mark Rutland’s first trip to Ghana in 1981 began a ministry in West Africa that has had a lasting impact on the people. Global Servants has met the needs of West Africa through evangelism, building churches, education, digging wells, building sanitation stations, and investing in the infrastructure of West Africa.

For more than 40 years, Global Servants has answered the call and gone into the world to share the love of God.

In 1988, Global Servants opened House of Grace in Thailand, a rescue home for girls in danger of being bought and sold into prostitution. Through House of Grace Thailand, hundreds of little girls have found the opportunity to study and know Jesus and grow into skilled, educated women of God. In 2012, the second House of Grace was opened in Ghana. In its 30+ years of operation, the mission of House of Grace has remained the same: “Saving little girls for big destinies.”

Global Servants has reached countless people worldwide through crusades, seminars, camps, books, media, local evangelism projects, church planting, and leadership training. Over the last four decades, Global Servants has grown into a worldwide missions and evangelism organization with ongoing work in Thailand and Ghana.