In 1988, Global Servants opened the first House of Grace in Thailand as a preventative work against the horrors of child prostitution. It was founded under a mission to “save little girls for big destinies.” House of Grace accomplishes this through housing and tenderly raising young girls a loving Christian atmosphere. In addition to this, House of Grace provides the girls with the opportunity to attend school and continued education.

Since 1988, House of Grace Thailand has rescued hundreds of girls and has grown into a first-rate facility. Having been called “the finest children’s home in Thailand,” House of Grace currently has a total of 13 buildings on two properties. In addition to this, a new House of Grace was opened in Ghana in 2012.

Thanks to the work of House of Grace and the partnership of sponsors, girls who would have been trapped in a life of sexual slavery have found careers in education, business, law and medicine. Today, these young professional women of God are making a positive difference in their communities.

House of Grace - Thailand

Aquaponics at House of Grace Thailand