In 1988, Global Servants opened the first House of Grace in Thailand as a preventative solution to human trafficking.

House of Grace offers the adults living in remote hill-tribe villages an alternative to selling their daughters to human traffickers.

Global Servants has never paid to rescue girls. Instead, we illustrate to the adults that allowing House of Grace to care for and educate their daughters is a better long term financial investment. For more than 30 years now, House of Grace Thailand has empowered hundreds of girls in their physical journey out of oppression, their spiritual journey to Christ, their political journey to citizenship, their educational journey to knowledge, and their financial journey to independence.

House of Grace Thailand alumni will continue to transform the religious, social, political, educational, and financial atmosphere of their villages and of Thailand. At House of Grace Thailand, we are Saving Little Girls for Big Destinies.

Since 1971, we have been sharing God’s love in Thailand

With your help we can do more in Thailand

Partner with Global Servants to help us make a difference in Thailand. Your monthly sponsorship will help provide a home, clothing, food, support, and access to education to a young girl in need. Become a Global Servant and apply today.