Congratulations to our House of Grace Ghana High School Students!

Apr 24, 2023 | General Updates

Congratulations! The first ten girls that started House of Grace Ghana have all been placed into senior high schools. This is a significant accomplishment. In Ghana, you must take a test at the end of ninth grade. The Basic Education Certification Examination, or BECE, determines your placement in senior high school. Students are placed into a school based on their exam results. Students with low scores are mostly placed in under-resourced schools (category C). High-scoring students are placed in better-endowed schools (Categories A and B). Only 8% of the high schools in Ghana qualify as Category A schools. We praise God that all of our charter girls from House of Grace Ghana attend A and B schools. The girls’ senior high schools are run by the government, despite retaining their original founding organization’s name. The name may be Muslim or Christian, but the schools are national.

There is much debate about the placement policy. However, we must live within the system until change happens. We are grateful that our girls will attend the best-resourced schools with a higher graduation rate, with more students attending university after completion. The education they received from Trinity Foundation School while at House of Grace created opportunities that would never have been available in their home villages. The financial support from sponsors and supporters has set these girls on a path to success. God has allowed us to save these little girls for big destinies. Please continue to pray for these girls as they proceed to the next step in their educations.

Thank you for partnering with us and choosing to become a Global Servant. Together we are Saving Little Girls for Big Destinies!

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