Graduation Celebration

Apr 20, 2023 | General Updates

The 2023 graduation celebration at House of Grace Thailand was record-breaking! This year, three young women graduated with bachelor’s degrees from various universities, one with a high certificate from a vocational college, and one completed a special nursing assistant program. Their financial road to independence is paved with the support of donors and sponsors like you. Your prayers, encouragement, and love are the forces behind these young ladies’ achievements.

We are also so excited for our high school graduates! We have nine high school graduates, including Piti Muelae, our International Director’s son. Five girls completed their vocational certificates while dually enrolled in high school. We have seven girls accepted into the college or university of their choice, and two who will begin their working careers. We are grateful for donors and sponsors like you who make it possible for these girls to pursue their educations as far as they would like.

In Thailand, school is mandatory through the ninth grade. At the close of the ninth grade, you must pass a test to continue your education. Most people from the hill tribes do not pursue additional education beyond the ninth grade. We are proud to say that all seven of our ninth graders have been accepted into high school, and some will be dually enrolled in the vocational college.

At House of Grace, we also celebrate the completion of the sixth grade. This transition from elementary to middle school is a significant accomplishment for all eleven girls. They will also move from the little girls’ dorm into the middle girls’ dorm. This promotion comes with more responsibility and accountability as they mature. Please join us as we congratulate them on their awesome achievements. They are all one step closer to the destiny God has planned for them!

Thank you again to all of our sponsors and donors! Together, we are Saving Little Girls for Big Destinies. Please know that if you donate every month and are a part of our Empowering Esther group, you share in this celebration. During a temporary financial struggle, your donations can bridge the gap until the sponsor family can support their daughter again. At Global Servants, we feel that all sponsors are family. Our goal is to keep girls with one sponsor if that is the sponsor’s desire. Our Empowering Esther group provides the finances for tutors, music lessons, college application fees, books, doctor’s appointments, and other unexpected expenses. We are grateful to you and appreciate your dedicated support!

Thank you for partnering with us and choosing to become a Global Servant!

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