New Textile Arts Lab at House of Grace

Sep 20, 2022 | General Updates

We are excited about our new vocational labs at both Houses of Grace! At House of Grace Ghana, the older girls have completed their first project, dresses for the younger girls.

Our girls are learning about the fundamental and advanced sewing techniques required to make clothes for themselves and their families. With these skills, they also have the opportunity to pursue careers in fashion. Because of the occasional blackouts and brownouts in Ghana, it is essential that the girls master the art of using hand-powered sewing machines.

Our goal is to teach the girls at House of Grace how to use sewing tools and machinery in a professional setting, including the use of sergers, electric sewing machines, and rotary cutting equipment. They will start by learning basic sewing techniques such as how to select, cut, and prepare fabrics for garment creation, and how to thread needles. Pattern making, simple seams, and fastener installments (such as hooks, snaps, and clips) are also included in the curriculum.

In creating this one simple dress, the girls demonstrated their sewing abilities in areas such as tailoring, pleating, ruffles, and lining. We look forward to seeing their work with embroidery and decorative stitching in the future.

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