Corporate Donation Matching and New Computers for University Freshmen

May 25, 2022 | General Updates, Uncategorized

Because of your faithfulness and generosity, all our high school graduates entering university now have personal laptops. Since 2018, all university freshmen have received laptops with the software necessary for their major. They will not have to share with other students or make an appointment at the campus library to complete their assignments. Having laptops will help with time management and allow the students to keep their assignments electronically organized. The confidence that you have placed in these young women by providing such an expensive and valuable tool for their education has empowered them to work harder and believe in their destinies. In the five years of this program, there has been a 100% university retention rate. As the number of college dropouts increased globally during the COVID-19 crisis, the girls at House of Grace Thailand have persevered.

In previous years, laptops were provided to our students by a church or privately held business. This year was a first; the laptops were purchased with a corporate matching donation. Our perfect score with Charity Navigator has qualified Global Servants for corporate donation matches with certain organizations. If you are a donor to Global Servants, you can check here to see if your employer matches donations. If your company is listed as a matching organization, you will need to complete a form either online or in-person with your employer. If you have any questions, please call our office at 678-541-5670 and we will help.

Many companies have a matching gift program wherein you donate directly to Global Servants or through your workplace giving program, and your employer will donate the same amount. Your company may also match the hours you volunteer at House of Grace Thailand or House of Grace Ghana with a financial grant.

The university laptops were purchased with a matching donation, meaning this generous supporter’s donations were doubled!

Please take a moment and find out if your employer matches your donation.

Thank you for your support of Global Servants. Your donation is a representation of Mark 4:8, you are financially sowing into good ground that will bring forth the highest yield.



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