Field Trips at House of Grace

Apr 27, 2022 | General Updates, Uncategorized

We are happy that our girls can experience life to the fullest. The joy and laughter of children are music to our ears. Before coming to House of Grace, our girls experienced unimaginable hardships. They lived their entire lives within a limited radius of their village. A world beyond their immediate surroundings did not exist in their minds. Coming to House of Grace was the farthest distance most of our girls have ever traveled. Their schools were village-based and limited exposure to any positive outside influence. Once the girls arrive at House of Grace, they are evaluated academically, enrolled in the appropriate schools, and provided with tutors to catch up to the appropriate grade for their age. Our girls work hard academically to excel and reach their God-given potential.

We are grateful for our sponsors and supporters who make field trips possible when our girls have a break from school. We are thankful for new buses to transport girls and the resources to purchase gasoline with the worldwide increase in fuel prices. We are grateful for the staff that loves adventure and realizes the value of hands-on learning. Whether traveling to a waterfall in Chiang Rai or an outing to the Zoo in Kumasi, our girls enjoy a variety of life experiences. Because of your support, the girls at House of Grace can see God’s most fabulous creations in person and experience stories from the Bible for themselves.

The miracle of an ax head swimming in 2 Kings becomes real to you when you see what the water looks like and how rocks sink for yourself. While you collect rocks in the river, you can imagine the 12 stones in Joshua.

When you learn of Rebecca drawing water for camels until they finish drinking in Genesis, the reality of how hard that was for a young girl becomes apparent as you see, smell, and pet the camels yourself. The idea of Mary riding a donkey while nine months pregnant and of the Savior riding a donkey on Palm Sunday becomes real when you are face to face with a donkey’s small stature. Hands-on experience brings the pages of the Bible to life.

These are not just stories, but experiences of real people just like you.

The God of the Bible is the same yesterday, today, and always. This becomes personal truth when you can see yourself in the story.

Thank you for being so supportive and making these opportunities possible! We are grateful for your support and praise God for every girl at House of Grace. Thank you for being a Global Servant, and helping us save little girls for big destinies!


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