Graduation Rates at House of Grace

Apr 12, 2022 | General Updates

The longevity of House of Grace Thailand has produced a high graduation rate from the program and a continual increase in educational expectations. When the home opened in 1988, the goal was for the girls to graduate high school and attend university on their own. In the past ten years, the donors and supporters of Global Servants have made it possible for each girl to attend the Thai university of her choice. We have the honor of counting lawyers, nurses, teachers, wives of pastors, community leaders, and small business owners among our alumni. Every spring at House of Grace Thailand, we rescue new girls of different ages and grade levels, thus skewing the exact calculation of a graduation rate.

In Thailand, school is only mandatory through the ninth grade. Very few girls in Thailand attend tenth through twelfth grade, and the number is even lower for hill tribe girls. It is safe to say that ninety-five percent of our girls complete the ninth grade under the covering of House of Grace. Many among the five percent who leave the home still receive at least a high school education, and most continue to a technical college or university. A girl may be rescued from a high-risk situation at the age of five but have a dramatically different family situation by the time she attends high school ten years later.

Over the past five years, our high school seniors have had a 100% acceptance rate for either vocational college or university.

The graduation rate for House of Grace Ghana has yet to be determined. When the home opened in 2012, our girls were in the first through third grades. Our oldest girl graduated high school and is preparing to attend university in the fall.

In Ghana, mandatory education is only available until the ninth grade, after which you must pass the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) to be eligible to continue your education. The girls at House of Grace Ghana attend Trinity Foundation School, supported by Global Servants. The school’s BECE pass rate is consistently 100%. We are praying and believing that all girls at House of Grace Ghana will complete their high school education and proceed to a university or vocational college. Our girls have big dreams of becoming doctors, teachers, journalists, business owners, bankers, and much more. We have faith that these dreams will manifest with God’s will and through the support of sponsor families.

Thank you for being supportive and making these educational accomplishments possible! We are grateful for your support and praise God for every girl at House of Grace. Thank you for helping us save little girls for big destinies!



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