March 6th – Independence Day in Ghana

Mar 17, 2022 | General Updates

Every year, millions of Americans look forward to Independence Day. But the United States is not the only country to hold this kind of annual celebration of freedom. Ghana gained its independence from the United Kingdom on March 6, 1957. Ghana was the first African country to obtain its independence. The country commemorates the historic event annually as a National holiday including fireworks, parades, marches, and a month-long celebration of Ghanaian culture.

House of Grace-Ghana wanted to include our supporters by providing a fashion show of traditional Ghanaian outfits. The dress and cultural heritage of the beautiful women of Ghana is something to celebrate. These are just two styles of traditional dress. Ghana is home to roughly 100 linguistic and cultural groups. The Asante (Ashanti or Asante), Akuapim, Bono, Dagomba, Fante-Bretuo, FraFra, Guan, Konkomba, and Larteh tribes are all represented by girls at the House of Grace. These tribal cultures celebrate the pageantry of dress and the societal respect paid by the nature of one’s clothes. We rejoice with the staff and girls as we celebrate Ghana’s history, culture, and independence during March.

Melody and Nelly are wearing an everyday dress made from a Kente print cloth. Kente fabric is handwoven and made on a loom. These are actually their dresses and are worn to church. We have a local seamstress who custom makes the girl’s dresses. The head wraps are made of silk, the intricate way to wrap and tie the material is wearable art of self-expression. 

Thank you, Agnes, for volunteering to model the boy’s outfit. Agnes is wearing a traditional boy’s tunic. Her hat is a Fulani hand-woven straw hat. She is holding a Fly whisk, made from a cow tail affixed to a wooden handle. It is a mark of authority in African societies.

Dorcas and Grace A. are wearing traditional tribal wrap dresses made from Kente printed cloth. These dresses are actually a solid piece of fabric between four and six yards long. There is a solid color fabric worn underneath. These dresses would be worn on special occasions. Their jewelry is an African beaded necklace, with many dropping strands. These are handmade and unique in patterns or design. Their silk head wrap is worn as a crown, in an outfit befitting a Queen Mother.

Thank you for partnering with us, making celebrations like this possible, and choosing to become a Global Servant.

We are Saving Little Girls for Big Destinies!

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