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May 6, 2021 | General Updates

When girls arrive on campus in Thailand, they may practice Christianity, Buddism, or other tribal religions. Our prayer is for every girl to accept Jesus Christ as her savior, have a relationship with Him, and be a witness of God’s saving power to her family and community. Global Servants’ goal is to encourage a sense of heritage appreciation and cultural pride in our girls, outside of their spiritual identity. Everyone that works at House of Grace Thailand and Ghana is a national of their respective countries. In Ghana, the staff is Asante, and in Thailand, the team is mostly Akha. Tribal customs or traditions are familiar to the staff.  Your giving allows self-confidence, heritage appreciation, and cultural pride the opportunity to exist in all of our girls.

Because of your generous donations and support in Thailand, the girls participate in regular Thai music lessons. The instructor teaches: Phin (similar to 3 string guitar), GrajaBpi (4 strings similar to a lute), Saw Duang (an instrument played with a bow), and the Khlui Phiang aw (Thai flute), and several other instruments. This class is about a lot more than music.


There is a direct correlation between music and language: the ability to distinguish different pitches trains your ears for the nuances and subtle tones of the language, translating into an improvement in discriminating between spoken words. As the girls learn to speak Thai, English, Chinese, and Japanese in addition to their native tribal language, subtle differences are valuable.

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