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At Global Servants, we care about you and your needs, and we believe that amazing things happen when God’s people pray. We want to pray in agreement with you that God will move in your life. If you have a prayer request, please complete the form below, and it will be forwarded to our Global Servants Prayer Team.

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 07:55:25 PM (UTC)
 An anonymous requester

I am guessing you get these all of the time....I am asking for prayer regarding my husbands heart and his decision to file for divorce.  I believe that God can and will bring healing and restoration to our marriage if we continue to seek Him.  My husband gave up and walked away from our 23 years, the last half have undeniably been full of heartbreak, bad decisions, self centerdness etc, but I believe that as we continue to grow in God that he will bring healing to us individually and our marriage. We have both been Christians for about 7 years now.  New, but growing. If things continue as they are we will be divorced by Thanksgiving.  I understand there can be restoration after divorce.  Selfishly I am hoping for a heart change prior to that.  I am also personally desiring to have the kind of Holy Spirit Experience that Dr Rutland and others have had.Thank you for your prayer.


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