Wrinkled Flag

    Not since the first election of Abraham Lincoln has a presidential election so bitterly divided the American electorate. One the one side is the deep and angry distrust of the Democrat/Clinton political machine. This has been fueled in no small part by the actions of Bill and Hillary Clinton for decades. Many Americans are frustrated that no one can seem to hold the Clintons accountable. This feeling that they (The Clintons and the Democrat party) can "get away with murder," figuratively at least, runs contrary to a deeply held American value that no one is above the law.

     The most recent, but by no means final, chapter in the Hillary Clinton email scandal is absolutely cinematic in both its dramatic timing and in the inclusion of the absurd figure of Anthony Weiner in the story. This ludicrous comedy would be funny were not national security at stake. Furthermore the FBI's announcement that her email scandal was open yet again was hardly designed to buttress Hillary Clinton's already terrible score on the trustworthiness scale.

     Up against Hillary Clinton in this astonishing election is the human lighting rod of Donald Trump, himself a figure straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster. His rough-and-tumble, hard-nosed, tough-talking NY businessman demeanor was a sudden and shocking jolt to traditional career politicians.  To this brazen "I don't care what you think about me" attitude he mixed in a flair for showmanship that would make Harry Houdini jealous. The recipe was nothing American voters had ever seen before.

     Some liked it.  Some liked it a lot. Some hated it with an incendiary zeal. His haters labeled Trump a vulgar bigot among other even less flattering descriptions. Trump won the Republican primary, which hardly anyone predicted, upsetting the Establishment Republican apple cart. Said establishment responded with a dog-in-the-manger, corporate pout that sounded like nothing more than elitist bad sportsmanship to the growing hoards of Trump supporters. Some of Trump's defeated opponents' petulant thumb sucking response may well have aborted their future presidential aspirations. Forgetting defeated Republicans, Trump's victory in the primaries enflamed the Democrats. All this toxicity unleashed perhaps the nastiest, most vitriolic presidential campaign in American history.

     Now we are at the end of it. On November 8, 2016, America will decide its own future. Probably not since the Civil War has so much been on the line in a single presidential election. My attorney advised me that as the president of a Christian non-profit, in the current atmosphere, I should probably not announce my support for either candidate. Ok, I won't.

     What I will do is offer some thoughts for you to consider while making up your mind for whom YOU should vote.


     1). I urge you to vote for the candidate, whomever that should be, most likely to appoint Supreme Court judges who will uphold the constitution, protect our religious liberties and exempt no one from the rule of law.

     2). I urge you to vote for the candidate, whomever that may be, least likely to run the government like a crime syndicate or to prosper personally from the corruption of federal agencies.

     3). I urge you to vote for the candidate that is most likely to re-invigorate American business and least likely to play footsie with Wall Street while everyday Americans languish in the painful doldrums of this unending financial torpor.

     4). I urge you to remember that we are electing a president, not a senior pastor. It is not necessary in order to vote for a candidate that one approve of that candidate's vocabulary or manners or political correctitude or lack thereof. The candidate I voted for in the primaries lost. I thought he was the best choice. Now, however, I am not presented with the option of voting for him in the general election. The bottom line is, we have the choices we have.

      There are no perfect candidates. There never were. Therefore you cannot make a perfect choice. What you can do is make the best choice possible in this precise election. We are an imperfect nation, choosing between imperfect candidates.

     I have made my mind up. I have made my decision. I will not vote for the candidate whom I believe to be least likely to care for the unborn. I will not vote for the candidate most likely to hurt the church and the nation and to personally and judicially ignore the law and the Constitution. I believe I know who that candidate is and I will vote that way.

     I am going to vote for the candidate I believe most likely to restore America's sense of itself. I will vote for the candidate I believe is most likely to obey the law and hold others in the government accountable. I will vote for the candidate I believe is most likely to be a friend to the faith. I have not in this piece, endorsed a candidate. My lawyer can relax. Having said that, I know how I will vote and I urge all Christians to pray and vote.

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