5/2/16 MONDAY #778 *Having Balance in All Things - Conclusion N/A
    5/3/16 TUESDAY #779 The Power of Obedience N/A
    5/4/16 WEDNESDAY #241 *Forbidden Perfume - Worship in the Spirit - Beginning N/A
    5/5/16 THURSDAY #241 *Forbidden Perfume - Worship in the Spirit - Conclusion N/A
    5/6/16 FRIDAY #780 *Where do Wolves Come From? - Beginning N/A
    5/9/16 MONDAY #780 *Where do Wolves Come From? - Conclusion N/A
    5/10/16 TUESDAY #783 *Finish the Course - Beginning N/A
    5/11/16 WEDNESDAY #783 *Finish the Course - Conclusion N/A
    5/12/16 THURSDAY #785 *Forgiveness - Beginning N/A
    5/13/16 FRIDAY #785 *Forgiveness - Conclusion N/A
    5/16/16 MONDAY #804 Hypocrisy and Worship N/A
    5/17/16 TUESDAY #786 *Self Deception - Beginning
    5/18/16 WEDNESDAY #786 *Self Deception - Conclusion
    5/19/16 THURSDAY #788 Jesus, the World and the Church N/A
    5/20/16 FRIDAY #790 The Lord Looks at the Heart N/A
    5/23/16 MONDAY #791 Secrets of Leadership N/A
    5/24/16 TUESDAY #792 *Leadership in Crisis - Beginning N/A
    5/25/16 WEDNESDAY #792 *Leadership in Crisis - Conclusion N/A
    5/26/16 THURSDAY #793 *Leadership and Temptation - Beginning N/A
    5/27/16 FRIDAY #794 *Leadership and Temptation - Conclusion N/A
    5/30/16 MONDAY #794 *Nobody Sins in a Vacuum - Beginning N/A
    5/31/16 TUESDAY #794 *Nobody Sins in a Vacuum - Conclusion N/A

    *Note: Sermons will have all parts on one cd or mp3.

    4/29/16 FRIDAY #FC022 But Now
    5/2/16 MONDAY #FC023 Made for More N/A
    5/3/16 TUESDAY #FC024 A Bridge to Something New N/A
    5/4/16 WEDNESDAY #FC025 The Verbs of Pentecost N/A
    5/5/16 THURSDAY #FC026 Be it Unto Me According to Thy Word N/A
    5/6/16 FRIDAY #FC027 David: The Search for Repentance N/A
    5/9/16 MONDAY #FC028 David: The Search for Worship N/A
    5/10/16 TUESDAY #FC029 David: The Search for Victory N/A
    5/11/16 WEDNESDAY #FC030 Game of Thrones N/A
    5/12/16 THURSDAY #FC031 The 7-Fold Reality of the Supernatural N/A
    5/13/16 FRIDAY #FC032 How to Approach the Supernatural N/A
    5/16/16 MONDAY #FC033 Barriers to the Supernatural N/A
    5/17/16 TUESDAY #001 The Operation of Grace N/A
    5/18/16 WEDNESDAY #003 Pray Without Ceasing N/A
    5/19/16 THURSDAY #004 Divine Turning Points N/A
    5/20/16 FRIDAY #005 The Divine on the Way to Destiny N/A
    5/23/16 MONDAY #006 Being an End Time Harvester N/A
    5/24/16 TUESDAY #007 The Reality of Death N/A
    5/25/16 WEDNESDAY #009 Touched By Fire N/A
    5/26/16 THURSDAY #010 Touched By Wind N/A
    5/27/16 FRIDAY #011 Touched By Oil N/A
    5/30/16 MONDAY #012 Touched By Water N/A
    5/31/16 TUESDAY #014 The Lamb and the Water N/A

    *Note: Orders for sermons with "Beginning" and "Conclusion" will have both parts on one cd or mp3.

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