The Human Trafficking Problem

  • An estimated 5.5 million children are trafficked around the world for Prostitution, pornography, sex tourism, forced marriage, sweatshop work, begging, armed services, and migrant farming.

  • Human trafficking has surpassed the illegal sale of firearms and will surpass the illegal sale of drugs in the next few years.

  • Human Trafficking is not a problem that any single country or institution can handle alone. It is a global crime which requires global cooperation.

  • The ILO estimates human trafficking generates $150.2 billion in illegal profits each year, two-thirds is from sexual exploitation.

  • In many respects, the girl trade has replaced the drug trade. The ugly truth is that it is less risky and more profitable to sell a girl than crack cocaine or meth. And the criminal penalties for drug trafficking are generally greater than the ones usually levied against those who traffic in girls.

  • They are typically purchased by brothel owners or other brokers for $200-$875 and must pay off their “debt.”

  • When law enforcement officers moonlight as security for brothels, they are often complicit in sex trafficking and other illicit activities.

Saving Girls #BEFORE

Dear Friend,

House of Grace, our home for girls at risk of human trafficking, is launching it’s first ever large scale social media campaign and we need your help!!! The #BEFORE Campaign is a new effort to bring awareness to what we do at House of Grace - prevention. House of Grace has created a brand new #BEFORE brochure, a powerful video, t-shirts and a partnership with Rustic Cuffs (bracelets) all available to promote the new campaign. We hope you will consider becoming one of our partnering Churches for the #BEFORE campaign. We will begin promoting the campaign throughout the month of December 2017, then the official launch date for the campaign is January 1st, 2018!

Please join us in the fight to prevent human trafficking! Saving little girls BEFORE they are hurt, raped, abused, imprisoned, stolen or killed. Your church can partner with House of Grace by sharing the #BEFORE videos and promos on social media. Also, please talk with your Pastor or missions committee about giving a special donation for House of Grace in the month of January. Our powerful #BEFORE video, less than two minutes, is available for download to share with your congregation. Please consider how you and your church can be involved with this tremendous opportunity to fight human trafficking on the front lines during the month of January - human trafficking awareness month in the United States.

All donations will be matched dollar for dollar during the #BEFORE campaign, up to $100,000! Help us reach our goal of $200,000 for House of Grace in Thailand. With 13 buildings on three campuses; saving, educating and providing for all the needs of over 115 girls at a time, we need your help to secure the future of this ministry and to someday build a third House of Grace to save even more children from the horror of child prostitution, child labor and human trafficking.

Thank you for all that you do!! You can reach me by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call me at my office at 678-541-5670 for details.

Eternally Grateful,

Emily Leatherbarrow

Campaign Progress:

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