Dr. Mark RutlandIn a synergistic alliance between old friends, Mark Rutland is joining the preaching team at Jentezen Franklin's fast-growing Free Chapel church. Both men are in a ministry transition of sorts and want to band together to build the kingdom of God. Free Chapel, a megachurch in the Atlanta area with a campus in Irvine, Calif., just opened its third location in Georgia. And Rutland will soon move from his role as the third president of Oral Roberts University (ORU). Read more from this Charisma News article here.

Oral Roberts University at one point was "hanging on by a thread," ORU President Mark Rutland said Thursday in an interview about his latest book.

Rutland writes about ORU's comeback from scandal, lawsuits and near-bankruptcy in his soon-to-be-released 14th book: "ReLaunch: How to Stage an Organizational Comeback."

In it, he draws from his leadership experiences at ORU, as well as another university and a mega-church he helped revive.

Rutland came to ORU in 2009. He was the first president who was not a member of the family of ORU's founding president, Oral Roberts.

ORU faced three major crises in the wake of the resignation of President Richard Roberts in late 2007: looming bankruptcy, inadequate governance and lack of leadership, Rutland said.

A $70 million gift from the Green family of Oklahoma City, the founders of Mardel, and a new board of trustees helped alleviate the first two crises.

"I was brought in to supply the leadership," he said.

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