21 Seconds to Change Your World

With the upcoming release of my new book, 21 Seconds to Change Your World, I thought it would be a great opportunity to share an excerpt. Below is the foreword, written by my friend, Mark Batterson. I am so grateful for his kind words and I hope this book will be a blessing to you. To order your copy please visit 21secondsbook.com.


Foreword by Mark Batterson

Have you ever heard someone talk about how their entire life changed—their entire life saved—because they had a thought that was just out of character enough to think upon it and act upon it?

There are tons of stories about people hearing a quiet voice in their head saying something like Hey, just look up, or turn left at the corner, or even something so universal as you are loved.

For me, that voice is loudest when I write. For me, writing is where I listen and record, but there is still a gap between this writing and that still, small voice of the Holy Spirit, and I pray everyday that God will meet me in the middle. Prayer is about listening to His voice in the depth of your heart. So, I hit my knees so that voice will get louder and louder.

Dr. Rutland shares his vulnerable story of when he heard the voice say, “You have a prayer” which was a catalyst for personal restoration and rebirth. Because the soul function of prayer is not to influence God, but rather to change the heart, mind, and soul of the one who prays.

If I had to teach one message over and over and over again, it would be how to pray. The good news is that the best teacher in the history of mankind made it really easy for people like me to teach this message. Thousands of years ago Jesus gave us a template and we call it "The Lord's Prayer."

This is why 21 Seconds to Change Your World and it’s strangely simple and wildly profound message. This book is bold. This book is vulnerable. This book is revolutionary. By combining two ancient poems, Dr. Rutland has given us a compass for our intellect and our spirituality that is both universal and it is sufficient. Through merging the Lord’s Prayer and Psalm 23 everything that you might feel needs to be said when you pray is said beautifully—whether it’s solitarily in meditation and saturation or congregationally.

I’ve always said that I believe we are all only one prayer away from a totally different life. But Dr. Rutland has taken it a step further. It’s exactly twenty-one seconds. That is not a long time to completely revolutionize something so powerful.

But let me clarify that this message is not about a time limit or succinctness or turning prayer into something to check off your list. It’s an exegetical look at the beauty, simplicity, diligence, and profundity found in something that we’ve all likely taken for granted merely because it has been there forever. He looks at this mega-prayer narratively, historically, structurally, literarily, and practically. He takes us all the way back to the man who first prayed it and asks us, if it’s good enough for Jesus, isn’t it good enough for us?

If you’d ask me what I pray for more than anything else, the answer is hands-down the favor of God. While it’s difficult to describe or define, the favor of God is what God can do for you that you cannot do for yourself. Asking for a better way to pray, can and should be prayed. It’s funny that prayer is one of the most difficult and simplest things to do every single day. Sometimes, though it might be all we have, it’s hard to find the right words. We can all attest to this. Who hasn’t felt the blush of guilt from having to admit that you don’t pray enough or that you should pray more? But always remember one thing when it comes to prayer—it is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart. The Bible gave us the words and this book reinforces and sheds a new and relevant light on them.

You are only twenty-one seconds away from living a totally different life.

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