A Chicago area athlete, a boy who "identifies" as a girl has been playing on the girls' sports teams at his/her high school for some time with only a low level of controversy. The school accommodated the student with private shower facilities apart from other athletes of either gender. The U.S. Department of Education has now ruled that practice discriminatory and "humiliating" to that student. That student must now be allowed full and unrestricted access to shower with and at the same time as high school female athletes.

This is insane, of course, but an insane government should be expected to make insane decisions, and insanity now rules. No thought has been given to the high school girls, girls who "identify" as what they actually are. They must, or their schools will lose substantial federal funds, MUST shower nude with a student who has all the physical characteristics of a boy. The average sophomore in high school is fifteen. That means a fifteen-year-old girl must shower nude next to boy, a boy who is physically intact, irrespective of his "identification." The invasion of her privacy, her

humiliating sense of exposure, as well her required exposure to his body, had no bearing on the DOE's decision. The only thing that informed the DOE's insane decision was that a boy who calls himself a girl (remember no surgery has changed him physically) must be allowed to have unrestricted access to shower with very young girls. All this, so he would not be humiliated, the girls' humiliation notwithstanding.

Insane! There is no other word for it. This is insane and this is what we have come to.

Where will this lead us? I cannot imagine. I mean that. I sincerely cannot imagine where this road leads because, not even in my wildest nightmares, did I imagine the United States ever being here. Anyone can guess. Possibly those who can afford to do so will migrate to private schools. That will mean a poor child, somebody's little girl who just wants to play basketball, will have to shower with a boy because she is too poor to flee such an insane embarrassment.

It will surely mean that public facilities such as spas or gyms will be forced to abide by the same ruling. A woman who showers at her local YMCA may, sooner rather than later, have to contend with this same insanity. I further suspect that women and girls who choose to just take their belongings and shower at home will be castigated as haters and homophobes.

Perhaps Christian schools and colleges will come under increased pressure, financial and political, to accommodate this insanity. In a girls' dorm for example, a boy who identifies as a girl might well be placed as a girl's roommate.What if she objects? Will she be publicly pilloried? Perhaps even expelled? What if a Christian college refuses to yield? The loss of federal funds may be the least of it. Huge punitive fines for discrimination may be levied. Some may say all this is but wild, paranoid conjecture. They may well be right. I am NOT prophesying. On the other hand if, only a few years ago, I had prophesied the current craziness at this distraught Chicago high school, who would have believed that?

Here is the most bizarre irony of it all. As long as a boy who identifies as a girl dresses as a girl, he appears to be a girl. When he undresses, the reality becomes obvious. By demanding to shower with girls, by exposing his nakedness, he is revealed to actually BE what he claims not to be; a boy. Without his clothes on, in a locker room full of naked girls, it will be manifestly obvious that he is what he is. No legal action by the ACLU, no insane DOE ruling, no federal regulation will cover that which is thus unclothed by his own lawsuit. That is a bitter irony if one ever existed.

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