Words that Matter: Entropy

On The Leader's Notebook this week I am featuring a guest post. I may not do this often but every now and again, I may find something (or someone) I want to introduce to the Notebook's readers.

This week's guest is not only a business/leadership/marketing/management expert; he is also a personal friend and former colleague. Dr. Steve Greene has extensive experience in business and in business education. Dr. Greene was the dean of the college of business at ORU while I was the president of that university. Before his highly successful years at ORU, he provided excellent leadership at a multi-million dollar television company and a major restaurant chain. Today he is a blogger, publisher, speaker and a business consultant with an extensive clientele. Dr. Greene is also a member of the Board of Directors of Global Servants Inc.

Words that Matter
Guest blog by Dr. Steve Greene

Messy ClosetMy closet refuses to stay organized. Where's that tie hiding?

It's all about the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Loosely defined, the law holds that all matter moves toward disorganization.

The process of entropy is what we see in the science of life. Stuff falls apart. Organizations decline. Empires fall. Closets become a mess.

Entropy wreaks havoc on a business. Laws, such as gravity, can't take a joke. What goes up must come down. What is organized today goes poof someday.
A business example of entropy occurs when a restaurant owner leaves the restaurant for a much needed vacation. The law holds that while the owner is away his restaurant will move quickly toward decay. The Health Department's hotline is busier than the take-out phone number. The owner returns to less than what he left.
SuperheroesIt takes work to reverse entropy. Sustained, consistent effort is required to keep a closet organized. Super-hero effort is required to maintain restaurant sustainability. Isn't the same true for your business? Can you really ever let it go?
Leaders work with Herculean effort to create negative entropy. Growth occurs with effort. Lots of effort. And when effort declines it seems the Second Law attacks quickly and at a higher rate than past growth rates.
WitchNegative entropy occurs in a vibrant, healthy organization. The efforts of leaders must attack all viruses, bugs and contagions. Often it seems that due to external influences, an owner will work harder to maintain a business... than past efforts to grow the business. Leaders are constantly under attack by the Law.

The dark witch sings that we can defy gravity.

Leaders know entropy can't be defied.
There goes work/life balance.

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