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I love fall.  I love the colors and the smells, the cool nights and warm days.  I love hot drinks and making pumpkin bread.  Last fall was one of my favorite and last Thanksgiving holds some of my sweetest memories.  It was my ideal.  Our family provided all the pies for both of our families.  I don’t remember how many pies we made, but it was a lot.  Each of my children had a special part in the creation of all those pies and the day we spent together was beautiful, full of family and games and laughter.

t is about time that I write again on the subject which I love so much:  Kitchens.  I was laughing the other day as I walked away from the 3 lovely HofG staff ladies who serve roughly 1800 plates of food weekly.  They had just finishing making dinner and I had just finished teaching dance, so I joined them around the large metal prep table as they discussed the menu for the week.  I understood most of what they said.  Part-way through the conversation, they asked if there was anything that I wanted to learn to make.  I had a couple of wishes, Penang curry being one, and also a question.  I wanted to know how to make the broth for Guitio, a simple noodle soup that we eat every Saturday for lunch.  At my question, Doa got a big smile on her face and walked to the pantry.  She returned shortly with a bag in her hand.  A bag of guitio soup broth mix!

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