Dear Friends and Sponsors, 

It’s that time of year again!! Time for holiday meals, shopping, decorating, hanging stockings and sending your Christmas donation for House of Grace! With your $60 donation we can begin purchasing all the gifts for your sponsor daughter this Christmas. The room-mothers purchase individual gifts for each girl depending on her wants or needs. We also use a portion of the Christmas donations towards the BIG celebration! I am always so thankful to friends and sponsors who send an extra donation for the party. Both House of Grace Thailand and Ghana do a special outdoor buffet for the Christmas meal. The girls also celebrate with fun games, tons of decorations, special performances, dances, skits and the telling of the Christmas story. They finish the evening with a bonfire. What an amazing place we have created for our girls. May it warm your heart this season as you think about the beautiful life you are giving the girls at House of Grace.

Christmas is such a special time at the home that James and I have decided to take our children and travel over as a family to Thailand! Our girls are bursting at the seams with excitement to see House of Grace for the first time. They have spent their entire lives hearing about what Mommy and Daddy do for work. Both Juliet and Camille have been saying goodbye to Mommy, as I traveled to either Thailand or Ghana, since they were 6 months old. Now, it is their turn to travel with Mom and Dad on their first mission trip! Our baby boy, Everett, will be 9 months old for this trip. Please add my family to your prayer list for safe travels! We arrive at House of Grace just after Christmas day and we return home on January 8th. James and I cannot wait to see our House of Grace family again soon!

Jutiporn has requested that everyone try to send a pillow case for your sponsor daughter this Christmas. Even if you are not a sponsor and you could mail a small gift to the home, for one of the girls to open, we would so appreciate your help. I know that most of you already sent your $60 donation. However, if you could also put a large flat envelope in the mail to your girl, it will make all the difference for her this Christmas!! The girls still really need that personal touch from you each year. Please include a card from you and your family. Also, your daughter would be thrilled to see a current picture of your family or a picture of your cat or dog! Please consider what you can fit in a large flat envelope (don’t forget a pillow case) and mail something special to your daughter, directly from you this Christmas. Thank you so much for your sponsorship, love and friendship of House of Grace and Global Servants. 


Global Servants

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