On April 4th, 2016 we welcomed Everett James Leatherbarrow into the world. What a joy this little guy is for our family! The girls absolutely adore their baby brother and James and I like him pretty well too. Everett is always happy and happy to sleep whenever it is time. Our beautiful girls were slightly more high maintenance, even as babies. We feel extremely blessed to have baby Everett in our lives. 

Each summer, we do something special to reward our talented staff who work tirelessly for House of Grace. These individuals live on campus, giving daily of their love, attention, prayer, counseling, discipline and time. With 115 little girls to raise, the role of our staff in the lives of the girls is imperative. The best reward for these awesome staff members is some restful time away. In April, our staff in Thailand went on a peaceful retreat to help recharge their batteries. During the staff retreat, they took time for prayer, reflection and relaxation. I am so grateful for my two tremendous campus directors in Thailand, Jutiporn and A la Muelae. They continue offering godly leadership, year after year, not only for the staff and the girls but also for the community. 

As you know, we are a preventative ministry, saving girls who are living in dangerous or at-risk situations before they are lost to the evil of human trafficking. Most of our girls come from the hill tribes of Northern Thailand. In May, our staff began the long trips high into the mountain villages to find girls living in “at risk” situations. 

By June, we had safely brought a new group of girls to House of Grace. Each one had her own story of poverty, abuse or hopelessness. However, because of you, these eight little girls will never experience sexual slavery or human trafficking. Because of you, they will no longer live in fear. 

One of our new girls, only twelve years old, was found living in a tea garden. She had just a neighbor lady helping her from time to time. Her village has a lot of migrant workers, sexual abuse and alcoholism. She was at risk of human trafficking or sexual slavery. Two of the new girls are sisters. These two sweet sisters were living in a very dangerous village. Their village suffers from addiction and drug trafficking. Their father and older brother are in prison. Their mother was trying to feed her seven children, earning only $6.45 a day working in a neighbor’s field.

All the new girls arrived at the home, scared and hungry. However, an amazing transformation will begin to happen in the girls almost immediately, as they will experience a week without hunger, nights without fear, days filled with laughter, the love of a family and the presences of the Holy Spirit. House of Grace is home to the homeless and hope for the hopeless. 

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