Dear Friends and Sponsors,

It seems like 2015 is just flying by! I can hardly believe the summer is almost over. The House of Grace Thailand girls are already back in school. They absolutely love their schools! They love the opportunities they get to excel in their studies, to get involved with sports, girl scouts and all sorts of extra curricular activities. And let’s be honest; they are super excited to see all their friends again. House of Grace Ghana is currently on a school break and will be back in class the beginning of September.

I want to say a big thank you to all the sponsors and friends who sent donations for their girl’s birthday! Yes, if you are a friend of House of Grace and would like to send a donation for the summer birthday celebration, that would be wonderful! If you are a sponsor and have not sent your $40 birthday donation, please do so now! Global Servants wants to be sure that every girl gets a gift but also that we can provide games, cake and brownies, decorations and all the fun things that go into making the House of Grace Birthday Celebration so special. Many of the girls both in Thailand and Ghana do not know their birthday. They are assigned a birthday by the government. Therefore, it works well to have a summer birthday celebration where everyone receives a gift and enjoys an exciting day of games and goodies! 

I am proud to announce that this August, House of Grace Thailand had 13 college freshmen! Congratulations to all the sponsor parents who have seen their daughter through the tough middle school and high school years! Many sponsors are also generously stepping up to become university sponsors and help their daughter to continue her education and receive a college degree while living at House of Grace or on-campus at the university! With 13 college freshmen and another 27 young women already in college and university programs, that gives us a total of 40 young women currently at the university level! 

I hope you feel extremely encouraged to know that “your” House of Grace is continuing to dramatically change lives and help girls achieve their destinies! In the next few years, these young women will graduate with degrees in teaching, accounting, tourism, English, agricultural engineering, mathematics, Japanese, Chinese, humanities, computer science and law!! Now, my eyes are all watery again… Once little girls with no hope for the future, now they are confident young women filled excitement for each day! I could not love a group of sponsors and friends more. Thank you for partnering with us to protect these beautiful lives and help them fulfill their destinies! 

If you are interested in becoming a parent sponsor, I am already taking names for the 2016 waiting list. If you are interested in becoming a university sponsor, please contact me as soon as possible! I do have two college freshmen who still need a sponsor. For only $200 a month you can cover the cost of one girl’s tuition, room and board, books and uniform. 

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Emily Leatherbarrow


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