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The Russians are Coming! The Russians are Coming!


    In 1966 a fabulous comedy film, The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming! starred Brian Keith and Alan Arkin. The movie was a riotous jab at the prevailing Cold War tensions between Russia and the USA. The concept of the film was this. When a Russian submarine runs aground off the coast of New England some of the sailors must come ashore to steal a boat to tow the sub free. The ensuing clashes with the locals were a supremely funny look at the panic-stricken New Englanders and the equally frightened Russians.

     The boogey man of the fifties and sixties was Russia. Indeed, they were enemies and they remain enemies. Vladimir Putin is no confused Russian sub-mariner comically terrified of as well as terrifying New England yokels. He is a ruthless dictator with one of, if not, the most powerful armies in the world.


     Having said all that, the chorus of post-election yawps from the Democrat party are nearly as humorous as that old movie. Nearly. Having lost the presidential election the Democrats are casting about for the culprit. It couldn't be their candidate. Heaven forbid. That cannot even be considered. Certainly it was not the massive failures of policies such as Obamacare. Surely it wasn't the virtual crime syndicate which is the Clinton family machine. It couldn't be any of that or Benghazi or the IRS scandal or the deleted emails. No sirree, Bob! It had to be something else, something far more nefarious. Wait, wait, I've got it. It was the Russians. Yeah, that's it. The Russians "stole" the election.

     Not since Eugene McCarthy have Americans been barraged with such a panic-driven Red Scare. There may not be commies in the army or Reds hidden in Hollywood but Darth Vader and his storm troopers are out there, stealing votes and damaging the otherwise pristine reputation of Hillary Clinton. Be afraid. Be very afraid!

     The whole thing is absurd, of course, but it will not keep fading lightweights such as Harry Reid from screaming with a straight face, “The Russians Are Coming!” Hillary and the Democrats brought disaster on their own heads. If Wikileaks was the nail in their coffin, which I do not believe it was, no one is even attempting to seriously deny the leaks were real. In other words, if Wikileaks illicitly swayed this election, it did so by illicitly revealing the truth.

     Why all this paranoia? Why, without any serious evidence at all, would the losing party blame the Galactic Empire for its devastating loss? Why would they run the risk of replacing Senator Eugene McCarthy as the red scare lunatic fringe?  What are they thinking?

     Here is the real reason for all this Russian fear mongering. It is an attempt to delegitimize the election and presidency of Donald Trump. Their hopes of defeating him in a head to head election dashed, the Democrats have resorted to the sad strategy of undercutting the nation's confidence in its own democratic process. This shameful tactic will backfire. That is predictable, but they are hurting and hurt people hurt people.

     The real issue is not Russia; its bad leadership. Great leaders know how to win. They also know how to lose.

      I am an American and like so many other Americans, I love a winner. I'm also a long-suffering Cowboys fan. I have waited for years for a winning team and, at last, we have one. Still, during those excruciating years of chronic losing I did not blame all the sad losses on the ghost of Knute Rockne. If anybody hated watching the Cowboys lose any more than I, surely it was Jerry Jones, but Jones never once blamed Indonesia. He just set about to change it. The Super Bowl still looks like a bridge too far but at least the Boys are back on the winning track. That's leadership.

     Scapegoating, blaming some darksome and secret enemy while attempting to delegitimize the victory of the one who beat you is not just bad sportsmanship. It's bad leadership

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