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Dear Friends and Sponsors,

I am excited to tell you about my amazing trip to House of Grace Ghana! First, I have to thank my brave brother, Travis Rutland, for taking me to Africa for the first time since I was five years old and for showing me the ropes. West Africa is full of beautiful people and unique cultural experiences!

My dear friend, Jada Thrower, accompanied me on the trip as well as a long time friend of the ministry, Ric McClure. Both Ric and Jada are House of Grace Ghana sponsors! I think there is nothing so beautiful as a House of Grace sponsor holding their girl in their arms. Our little band of four drove all over the countryside, visiting churches and becoming familiar with the surrounding area.

The House of Grace Ghana girls are, of course, perfectly wonderful! They have all changed so much. When the girls first came to us as scared orphans from remote villages, a great sadness was clinging to them from their loss and abandonment. However, because of your support and God’s amazing grace, the girls are now so full of LIFE AND JOY AND LOVE that I could hardly recognize them from their pictures. Thank you for helping Global Servants take our preventive model of House of Grace all the way to Ghana, West Africa. THANK YOU FOR HELPING HOUSE OF GRACE FIGHT HUMAN TRAFFICKING, AROUND THE WORLD!!!

BIG NEWS FROM THAILAND: We now have an amazing Christian family, from America, living on-campus at House of Grace Thailand. John and Melissa Thompson arrived two weeks ago with their five children. They are still settling in but doing great! I am thankful to God for providing this unique opportunity for an American family to volunteer and live at House of Grace Thailand for one year. They are already a big help to Jutiporn and A la, my campus directors, and a great encouragement to the girls and the staff. Please keep the Thompson family in your prayers!

John and Melissa Thompson are helping with computers, homework and office work. Melissa has started our first ever House of Grace choir! She is teaching the girls ballet and John is teaching a guitar class. John is also helping drive the girls to school and maintaining the campus. John and Melissa are writing regular blogs that are not only informational about the culture and the home but are also full of funny and inspirational stories about their mission at House of Grace Thailand! I hope that if you have not already, that you will sign-up to the Sponsors Dashboard where you can read the Thompson blog and much more.

Dr. Rutland wants to be sure you know that he is leading a five-star tour to Israel May 26 through June 4, 2015. Dr. Rutland’s teachings in the Holy Land open your eyes and your heart to the Word of God and give you understanding of the stories and places in the Bible as never before! If you would like to join this exclusive trip to the Holy Land with Dr. Mark Rutland please contact Travis Rutland at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Eternally Grateful,
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