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A Time to Fast and a Time to Feast


     I believe in fasting. I also believe in feasting! Thanksgiving is all about the latter. A feast is a sacred gathering of joy, abundance and relationships.  The Judeo-Christian culture recognizes that fasting, the discipline of self denial, is an important part of seeking and serving God at a deeper and more intimate level.  Likewise our culture also embraces celebration as a real part of worshipful living.

     This year at Thanksgiving I intend to celebrate. I mean it. CELEBRATE! I am going to rejoice with my family and enjoy a great feast and remember God's goodness and grace. I urge you to do the same. Feasting is a statement of faith because it slaps down hoarding which is a factor of fear. If I'm afraid that what I have, is all I'll ever have I tend to grasp it, parsimoniously doling out crumbs to make it last. If I can trust God for more, if I truly believe He will provide tomorrow as abundantly as He has for today, I can feast with joy. Of course, one cannot feast every day any more than one can fast every day. To everything there is a season. There is a time to fast. There is also a time to feast.

      Thanksgiving Day is such a time. Enjoy it. Feast without guilt. Watch some football. Go Cowboys! In the midst of it all, in the fun, feasting or football remember to be thankful to God the Father. Take a moment to thank and praise Him. Really praise Him. Take some time to pray for the nation. Remember your history. Honor the founders. Intercede for the future. I know that not all The Notebook's readers are Americans and Thanksgiving may not be a part of your national  culture. However, being thankful and joyfully feasting in His presence is not American; its Biblical.

     St. Paul said it best. Rejoice. And again, I say, Rejoice!  Happy Thanksgiving from all the Global Servants family in the United States, Africa and Thailand.

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