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The Message of the Historic Trump Win


     We have just seen history made at a level I never imagined, at a level few, if any, imagined. A highly controversial businessman, a true political dark horse given no chance by the "experts" has won the American presidency. Donald Trump is the first person ever elected to the presidency with no political or military experience. Its an incredible moment. Donald Trump defeated an entrenched political class in both parties and the most ruthless, powerful Democrat machine since the Tammany Hall gang, and a press corps that was biased against him and united in the conviction that his candidacy was a joke. Trump's is the most amazing election in American history.

     I will be brief in this post. I want write more later but here are some preliminary reflections on this astonishing and historical political story.


     I.  This is a repudiation of Washington's arrogant disregard for the common man. Real people, real families who are hurting, who are suffering in this abysmal economy especially the Obamacare debacle have said, we have had enough. President Obama must understand, America has spoken. The people have told him, you, Mr. President, you led this country astray. You dishonestly passed Obamacare and it is a failure. Your executive orders were salt in our wounds. Tonight the Obama legacy about which he was so concerned, was thoroughly repudiated. As of tonight the House, the Senate, and the Presidency are in the hands of the Republicans. Soon the Supreme Court will be reshaped by Trump. All this was brought about by a lawless, arrogant administration that acted in blatant disregard of the constitution and by a president who thought he was impervious to the will of the people. He was wrong.

     II. This is a repudiation of the arrogant corruption of the Clintons and their machine. From Whitewater to Benghazi to the email scandal, Americans just finally said enough is enough.

     III. This is about the Supreme Court. Common Americans, real people, not Washington bureaucrats,  but real people said, we are sick and tired of an idiotic judiciary that has pushed this country toward a secular, anti-Christian, left wing culture we do not believe in.  Trump will change the the Supreme Court for years to come.

     What we have seen is not politics. It's a rebellion.  The people have spoken.  Hillary Clinton was measuring the drapes in the White House -- again. The people of this country said, this great republic belongs to us. That is the real message of this election.

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